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Sports Law

We provide comprehensive and cross-cutting advice in the field of sports, covering all the components related to sport, starting with the disciplinary aspects that are essential in a sports competition, going through national and international transfers of players, collection and recovery of rights and ending with complex corporate matters, such as investments and acquisition of soccer clubs. During this period, the firm has been able to gain an enormous practical experience, which has allowed us to deliver services of excellence, with wide recognition in the sports market. Taking into account that specialization in sports legal matters has become a fundamental assumption to provide legal certainty to sports relations, Gasman Abogados has the necessary experience to advise both small and large players in the sports world. We provide comprehensive legal services to soccer clubs for the transfer of national and international players, proceedings before FIFA and CAS, collection of training fees and solidarity contribution, advice on the conclusion of labour contracts for soccer players and coaches, licensing of clubs, investment, corporate restructuring and modernization of clubs, defense in doping cases and dispute resolutions and sports arbitrations.

Labor Law

Backed by our vast professional experience, we offer comprehensive advice on labor matters, mainly - but not exclusively - oriented towards the employer. One of our main hallmarks is constituted by the vastness of the field in which we operate. Indeed, backed by an extensive legal practice, we provide our clients with a broad perspective on this area of expertise, which covers aspects such as contractual organization, corporate management, collective bargaining and labor litigation. Along with the foregoing, our firm stands out essentially for its high ethical standard and for the close ties that we generate with our clients, to whom we provide direct, cordial, permanent and prompt attention.


One of the one of the essential pillars of the sports market is the broadcasting of sport events through the most diverse media platforms, whether through conventional media, such as television channels, or through new media, i.e. by streaming, VOD, OTT, among others. The sports audiovisual market has experienced a great and fast transformation in recent years due to the importance that digital media have acquired. However, conventional media still play an important role for the broadcasting of competitions, being one of the main sources of income for sports entities. In this context, aware of the trends in terms of the rapid development of new media, on the one hand, and knowing the importance of traditional media for sport, on the other, Gasman Abogados plays a key role in the sports audiovisual market, with experience in various transactions and continuously advising the most important players in this market. This interaction between sport, technology and digital media receives special attention from the firm, considering our extensive experience in commercial transactions in sport, as well as everything related to branding protection and ambush marketing, to prevent unauthorized third parties from trying to illegally associate with or take advantage of the value that a certain brand has. In this area we provide advice in the negotiation and drafting of contracts for the acquisition, assignment or licensing of commercial and audiovisual rights, analysis of the audiovisual rights scenario, new media and their trends. Risk assessment in the purchase of audiovisual sports rights and advice to soccer clubs in their contracts for the assignment or broadcast of matches.