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Our legal advice is mainly focused on the sports field together with the marketing of all its commercial and audiovisual rights, besides having expertise in the field of labor law.

The particularity of this industry -taking into account the issues and challenges faced by the sports environment-, added to the constant transformations suffered by its legislation (both at national and international level), requires specialized and professional legal advice.

Gasman Abogados, in association with the Brazilian law firm Carlezzo Advogados, one of the main law firms in the American continent specialized in sports law, has broad experience to advise all sports players in all kinds of operations involving a legal component. Such operations include, among others, national and international transfers of athletes and proceedings before national and international entities, such as FIFA and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Along with the foregoing, we also provide advice at the highest level in investment, restructuring and corporate modernization of soccer clubs.

The firm has vast experience in sports issues, being constantly involved in national and international transfers of players and handling a number of judicial and out-of-court proceedings in the sports field.
In addition, one of the essential pillars of the sports market is the broadcasting of sport events through the most diverse media platforms, whether through conventional media, such as television channels, or through new media, i.e. by streaming, VOD, OTT, among others.

The sports audiovisual market has experienced a great and fast transformation in recent years due to the importance that digital media have acquired. However, conventional media still play an important role for the broadcasting of competitions, being one of the main sources of income for sports entities.

In this context, aware of the trends in terms of the rapid development of new media, on the one hand, and knowing the importance of traditional media for sport, on the other, Gasman Abogados plays a key role in the sports audiovisual market, with experience in various transactions and continuously advising the most important players in this market.

Through its professional excellence in the practice of sports and labor law, Gasman Abogados intends to provide the fundamental legal support for the
adequate decision making in the field of all sports businesses. Thus, our motivation and objective is to help our clients maximize the value and quality of their activities and obtain the greatest legal certainty in all their operations.